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The Niwa scientists have announced that we are in the midst of a marine heatwave. A warm sea so early is a portent of a hot summer. How hot is anyone's guess but forewarned is forearmed. The key to keeping your garden alive will be a combination of smart planting and religious maintenance and care!

Kikuyu and Bermuda is a great option for those who have bigger areas that get very hot and dry and where ongoing irrigation will be problematic. Our shipment has just arrived so get in quick as we sold out last year!

Part of your care plan will be ensuring your garden gets the nutrients it needs. You need to get the balance right, as overfeeding can do more harm than good. I tend to like organic matter for fertilising my garden - sheep pellets, chicken poo and liquid seaweed or Dynamic Lifter and Wonder Nuggets are also a great option.

It’s not long till the Labour Day long weekend which is the traditional time gardens are planted. Beetroot, beans, tomatoes, capsicums and silverbeet can all be started off now. Potatoes for Christmas will need to get in the ground soon.

In the next few weeks we will have a small selection of summer bulbs arriving including Christmas Lilies. Keep an eye out on the website and Facebook. Summer bulbs especially Dahlias can create a stunning display and are super easy to grow!