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Hello lovely readers,
The meteorologists don’t seem to be able to tell us exactly what sort of summer we are going to have. Yes, it is meant to be dry but just when that dry period is about to start is anyone’s guess and there will also be downpours and the possibility of some intense tropical storms. So be prepared for the unexpected.

In spite of the topsy turvy weather, November and early December is a wonderful time in the garden, an abundance of flowers begin to appear and the vege garden is just starting to produce some beautiful spring veges. It's important to keep on top of your gardening jobs and keep an eye out for cold nights (and some days) at this time of year as some plants will still need plenty of protection.

• Bring your beans and tomatoes and eggplants out of the house or greenhouse and plant them at the base of pre-prepared supports. The key to ensuring the best harvests is to keep the roots well-watered.
• Pinch out all side shoots of your tomatoes and support them with a cane at their side to tie them onto on a regular basis.
• At this time of year, stems of mint will produce roots within a week if cut and placed in water. They can then be planted up, ideally in pots to contain their spread.
• Thin out fruit trees to prevent broken branches and help the remaining fruit grow all the larger.
• Cover fruit with netting.
• Harvest early potatoes as soon as they start to flower. Don’t dig them hours before you want to eat but plop them freshly dug, into a pan of boiling, minty water. Their flavour will be at its best, with none of their natural sugars converted to starch.
• Don’t forget to water and feed your passionfruit vine. They too need to eat. Either a good citrus or tomato fertiliser or an organic fertiliser that is high in potassium sulfate. Chook manure or dynamic lifter is a good option.

Christmas is fast approaching, so it’s a good time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping list. Quality gardening tools are always a great option for the gardeners in your family. We have a good range of both the German made Wolf Tools and the excellent Niwashi range.

Don’t forget your animals at Christmas – we have treats for dogs, birds and yes even chooks! We have been getting great feedback on our new apricot and coconut treat mix for chooks. Made up of dried apricots and coconut it’s a bit like a box of chocolates except its for chickens.

Kikuyu has arrived for the summer season. We didn't bring a lot in this year so make sure you don’t miss out! It needs lots of warmth & moisture to start, so you want to get it in the ground before the rain dries up.

Apricot and coconut treat mix for chooks. At $3.00 for 2.2kg it’s a steal!