I think Autumn is knocking on our door but I’m not quite sure just yet, as the weather hasn’t quite made up its mind. This is a good thing because the temperatures are still warm enough to do some late summer vege planting, I am thinking broad beans and brassicas - cauliflower and broccoli and of course garlic.

The first of the elephant garlic has just arrived so get in quick - last year it sold out within a week. Printanor garlic will arrive a bit later in March.

If you don’t want to plant any more veges, it might be a good idea to plant a green crop to give your soil a bit of TLC. Oats will give the soil a bit of protein; mustard adds organic matter and can protect against wireworm; and blue lupins add nitrogen and organic matter. Buy one type or a mix of all 3.

This year our seed potatoes will arrive around mid to late April; Cliff Kidney, Jersey Bennes and Rocket will be the first up with the other varieties arriving over the following weeks. Keep a look out on our facebook page for updates.

Right now is the best time for sowing a new lawn or repairing the old one. Ground temperature is still around 20 degrees and there’s rain about as well - perfect. Autumn sowing gives the plants the whole winter to mature and get ready for the heat of summer. If you need any advice call us at Newtons, we not only sell lawn seed but we can help you maintain your lawn long after the sale is complete.

For all you pigeon lovers, we now have in stock plenty of pigeon products to help your birds flourish! Calcium cakes, mineral blocks, probiotics, grits & much more. All available in store and online.

March is a great month to start cleaning up in the garden and we have a great range of little helpers here at Newtons - Wolf tools. Wolf has something for every job in the garden and they come with a lifetime guarantee!

Cricket bait is best to apply in late summer/early autumn (right now). Come and get cricket bait now and deal to those little blighters. $18.00 for a 2kg bag.