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The recent cyclone and flooding has made a couple of things a bit clearer to me, the first is how lucky we have been to live in a country for so long that is able to produce so much of its own food. And secondly, just how much we have undervalued many of our food producers. I know that the summer of rain in Auckland drove many home gardeners to despair as swathes of tomato and passionfruit vines were decimated by rot and fungus! I can’t imagine what it would be like if it’s your livelihood as well that’s in ruins. So here's a plug for all our food growers - buy local wherever you can and substitute for other locally grown produce if you can’t get what you're after.

The high cost of produce is also a good reason to grow a few things yourself - yes you will lose the odd crop - but as long as you don’t just plant one thing you will get something out if it. Herbs are a good place to start while lettuce and even the humble carrot are not too difficult to grow. Garlic and shallots can be grown in pots as long as they receive lots of food and a regular amount of water. As it happens we have Elephant garlic, Printanor garlic and shallots all in stock now, so give them a whirl!

Potatoes as many of you will know are my favourite vegetable to grow so I can’t wait till mid April when the first varieties are due in. We are also eagerly awaiting our first delivery of spring bulbs - I am hoping that these will arrive in time for Easter. We will keep you posted.

Autumn also means repairing or resowing your lawn. I can’t imagine too many people would have lost their lawns to lack of water - but many may have because of the water. We can give you any help you might need if the floods devastated your lawn/lifestyle block. We won’t just the sell you the seed, we will continue to give you as much after sale help as you need and that help and advice will come via a real person with hands on experience, not a chat bot!

With Easter nearly upon us, we will be open Saturday 8th April from 9am - 12pm but closed Good Friday & Easter Monday.

Happy gardening!