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The weather may be dreary and the evenings still long, but I count myself lucky each morning when I leave the house to be greeted by my neighbours’ tree, laden with bauble like oranges - it makes me smile. Citrus is one of winters many overlooked gifts! At this time of the year, it is easy to think that there is nothing much to be done but to enjoy their offerings, but citrus are heavy feeders and it’s a good idea to keep feeding them. While you can use a special slow-release fertiliser, I have found that a combination of seaweed fertiliser, sheep pellets and blood and bone with a bit of sulphate of potash does the trick nicely.

Winter is also the time to not only prune but feed your roses. There is a great deal happening that is invisible to the eye, applying sulphate of potash and some organic compost in this colder period of the year can strengthen the plant walls and the soil making for a better flower producing plant in the spring.

Shallots, onions, potatoes and garlic are all going into the garden now, not in the same place mind you, they don't like being planted together. For the month of July, we have a special on shallots, normally $9.90 for 6 bulbs, NOW only $7.90. They can so often substitute for onions but not the other way around.

I know spring seems a long way off, but we are expecting our first shipment of asparagus for spring sowing in early to mid-July - we are now taking pre-orders. We normally sell out quite quickly so don’t dally too long or you will miss out!

For a wee while now at Newton’s we have been thinking how we can reduce the amount of plastic packaging that we use. We're in an industry that uses far too much, so we have decided to gradually change to using paper packaging wherever we can. We have found a supplier who can provide us with sustainably sourced well-made paper bags for most of our products. Can’t promise it will be plain sailing, but we think it’s a change for the good. I know we can count on your support as we make this transition.

The backyard bird count is happening and while you are out there counting the birds you might like to hang a tree bell or two, to help them out over winter.

Just like us, when birds are being treated for disease or parasites a probiotic can be enormously helpful in restoring the right balance of bacteria that live within the gut. Soluble protexin is a probiotic that can be used when worming or treating all birds to help restore them to maximum health.