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As we enter August we take leave of July - named after Julius Caesar - and the coldest month in the southern hemisphere. I AM GLAD. I’m already a little tired of winter - the garden is a muddy mess and with the persistent rain, there has been little opportunity to get in and clear out the weeds that have staged a coup.

Beyond the gloominess of winter is the promise of spring and although its officially two months away, it’s a good time to start thinking about what needs to be done. There are things to look forward to, the first bulbs will be up soon, and you might even see some spring veges like asparagus start to emerge from the damp cold ground. Speaking of asparagus, now is the time to start planting out if the soil is not too cold and damp. We have plenty of asparagus in stock, however the Pacific Purple variety is not currently available due to the adverse weather conditions in the South Island.

If you are thinking about getting a new lawn down, now is the perfect time to start preparing your soil. If you are getting topsoil delivered, you have time to see what weed growth you have and then you can deal with the weeds before you plant your grass seed. You can also use this time to add to the topsoil to make it the best planting medium you can before you seed. I am talking compost, wormcast, just plenty of natural organic material. Foddas Soil enhancer and fertiliser is a great addition to any soil.

In the vege garden now is the time to start preparing. There are a variety of seeds, especially in the warmer parts of the country, where you can start planting (indoors of course), so you can be ready to get the seedlings into the ground at the right time. You can start off with leeks, onions, silverbeet, spinach and even beetroot. And now is also the time if you are out of danger of frosts, to plant fruit trees and fruit bushes. If you haven’t got your potatoes yet, you should be getting them quick smart.

Now for some exciting news... Newton Seed is about to add a puppy to its animal family of Tina the fish and Black the cat. Lupin is an Australian Labradoodle and will be here at work with us for some of the week once she is settled and finished her vaccinations. Be sure to keep a lookout for her when you are next in store!