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Christmas is almost here and a welcome end to what has been a very hard year for most of us. So it’s important to use this holiday well and celebrate what we have in the here and now! Right now it's summer and all the glorious things that it brings. Long hot days, luscious summer fruit and a rest from the hustle and bustle of modern life. So it might be a bit wetter than usual according to NIWA but it saves on watering the garden!

Gardening over the holiday period is one of my favourite things. Time to tidy up and take stock about what I want from my garden in the coming year. I will be putting most of my energy into making really good soil which will help with disease-free plants. Yes, I know I bang on about soil but it’s just the most important component of gardening, so there will be lots of soil enhancer, Wonder Nuggets and Biochar going into the backyard.

Biochar is charcoal made from an organic substance (normally wood) using a method known as pryrolyzation (basically cooking the wood without oxygen). Biochar helps increase both water retention, nutrient retention and drainage to improve soil quality. It has also been found to help plants resist and fight off fungal disease and increase soil fertility to support growth. Newtons have found a great local supplier and we’ll be getting our first batch in the next couple of weeks, so I will let you all know when it arrives.

Christmas is not too far way but you still have time to do some online shopping! Our cut off dates to guarantee delivery before Christmas is Monday 12th December for rural areas and Wednesday 14th December for metro areas. Anything ordered after those dates may not arrive on time. We have gifts for the gardener and the bird enthusiast. Bird bells and waterers are always a great gift for any age group or maybe a Bulldog rake - an old style metal rake with a lifetime guarantee. Wolf garden tools, Freund hedge shears, gloves, seeds and small packs of fertiliser are also all great ideas!

Our shop will be closed from midday on Friday 23 December reopening Monday 9 January 2023 at 8am. However, we will be running a skeleton staff outside the statutory days, so online orders will be processed and sent out. Click and collect, however will not be available until we reopen on the 9th of January.

Finally - to all our wonderful customers thank you for your continued support. Without you, we would simply not be here so take care and have the loveliest of Christmases!