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I am very, very excited, spring bulbs have arrived at Newtons! I have been waiting for the arrival of these little nuggets of joy for the longest of times and now they are finally here. We have four varieties available - Tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissi (Daffodils) and Muscari. Bulbs are incredibly versatile and can be planted outdoors, in the garden, in the lawn, in pots and even inside - giving a beautiful splash of colour to those dull winter days. And they make fantastic gifts, especially if you pair them with a gorgeous pot! You can create wonderful displays by making bulb lasagne or colour blocking - the options are endless!

Planting spring bulbs is a sign of great faith, it’s one of the great gifts of gardening but yes there can be disappointment too and the key to avoiding disappointment is to make sure you understand what a bulb needs. Contrary to popular belief, just popping a bulb in some dirt doesn’t mean you will get anything except a bulb in dirt. But if you give a bulb what it needs you will be rewarded - most of the time. See our guide to growing bulbs successfully on our website.

Other exciting news is our first shipment of seed potatoes are making their way over the Cook Strait and will be available to order by the time this email arrives in your inbox. We will have in stock Agria, Ilam Hardy, Nadine and Rocket available in lots of 5 potatoes or 1kg & 3kg bags. Larger bags will be available when we have more stock.

Whilst the Elephant Garlic sold out within a matter of days, we still have plenty of Printanor available, so while you are getting your flower bulbs and taties in the ground, why don’t you try some garlic as well!

You should be well into your autumn gardening schedule now - fertilising, repairing and resowing lawns. Keep an eye out for grass grub - if you see patches of your lawn dying and a whole lot of blackbirds gathering around the same patch of dead grass, there’s a good chance it's grass grub and you might need LawnPro Protect to stop the little blighters from doing more damage.

Oh and don’t forget about the birds - we have in a great supply of hulled sunflower in 1kg & 5kg bags at exceptionally low prices. Many birds adore sunflower, as it is a great source of protein and fat which can be hard to source over the winter months.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so if you have any gardening loving mums you need to buy for, have a look online or visit us in store. I’m sure there’ll be something you can find that will be perfect! Some Mother's Day gift ideas are:

- Grab some spring bulbs from us & plant in a beautiful indoor pot
- Pruning shears and gloves
- Potatoes and garlic
- Bird feeders and seed
- Bird bells