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Easter is almost here and although there does not seem to be cause for much celebration at the moment - Easter is primarily about hope and renewal. Hope for better times ahead and it does seem that there is some light appearing at the end of the pandemic tunnel; I will take whatever good news I can get! I can also let you know that our pledge to donate a percentage of our online grass seed sales for Ukrainian aid relief has raised over $1000. Our chosen charity is Medicin San Frontiers. Thank you to all of those who contributed by purchasing our lawn seed.

Another little piece of good news is that after at least two years of planning we are almost ready to launch our new website, which we hope will make your online shopping a much easier and happier experience. The new website will automatically calculate shipping based on your postcode, so there will no longer be any wait for us to email you a freight quote or make a separate payment for freight and you will get automatic tracking notifications. We are looking at a go live date in the next couple of weeks.

The weather has finally started to cool up here in the north but there is still time to sow or repair your lawn as soil temperatures still haven’t dropped below the magic 13 degrees. So have a look online and if you are unsure about the right variety of grass for you, email for advice.

There is currently a shortage of white millet seed and we are waiting for a shipment from Australia. While we wait for that to arrive, we have managed to source a supply locally, however it differs in colour so if you are noticing some differences in our mixes this is probably the reason.

Garlic and shallots have now arrived and potatoes will be here next week so keep an eye out on the website for the first arrivals.

It's also greencrop time so clear out your garden when the autumn harvest has finished and sow a greencrop - it makes a huge difference to the quality of your soil.

Pruning time - either get your shears sharpened or invest in a new pair before you attack your roses and fruit bushes. See our selection of Wolf tools online.

Newtons will be closed over Easter however you can still order online. There may be delays with getting orders out as we are experiencing severe staff shortages (like most other businesses) so please allow plenty of time.

Have a lovely, lovely Easter break!