KiwiChar Biochar

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If your soil or growing medium is poor and you need to increase

  • moisture retention
  • nutrient retention 
  • microbial activity

You need to start using KIWICHAR.

What is it?

Biochar is charcoal. KIWICHAR is a biochar is made from 100% organic non-treated Radiata pine. This organic material optimises the ability of the product to retain and purify water as well as make available associated nutrients  - either applied or within the soil. Its a supercharged soil enhancer.

Each particle is capable of holding up to 4 times greater weight in moisture than its own dry weight. Through its innate ability to retain moisture and the associated nutrients that are contained within that moisture, we can increase soil moisture (%) content by up to 40%*. Being high in Carbon, also means that biochar is a great sequestrum of Carbon and as such has been identified as a highly effective means of 'locking up' carbon in the soil.

What do I use it for?

Vege Gardens

Seed Raising

Pot Plants

General Gardens 


How do I use it?

For vegetable and ornamental gardening

We recommend blending with organic manure (sheep, poultry, or horse) at around 30% of the total mixture. This is referred to as 'activation' and just means that the biochar will get to work immediately at stabilising the nutrients from the manure within the soil. This initial mixing is particularly important when using biochar for vege patches and newly created gardens or plantings. Once mixed we recommend leaving it to weather outside for a minimum of 10 days- this process kick starts the mix prior to using it.

For new pot plants

Mix biochar with your preferred compost or growing medium. We recommend 10% for new potting ie add 1kg of biochar to 40L of growing medium and mix well. On top of this before filling the pot add a layer of pure biochar to the base of the pot.

For existing pot plants 

Mix up a 50/50 blend of biochar and compost and dress as thickly as possible over the top of existing surface.