Best Bird Conditioning Softfood

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A high grade supplement for all cage and aviary birds, and to be used along with your birds standard seed diet. This product is best to be used all year round to get ready for breeding season and prepare to rear strong chicks. It is also helpful as an aid to restoring sick birds to full strength and assisting your bird through their moult. Contains blue maw seed which in addition to its nutritive advantages it has a beneficial settling effect on birds that are incubating or feeding chicks.

Key Benefits

  • High grade supplementary food for caged & aviary bird.
  • Use all year round for general health or in preparation for the breeding season.
  • Can be used to help sick birds recover or to help birds through their moult.
  • Contains blue maw - a seed high in essential fats, vitamins & minerals.
  • Has a settling effect on canaries and finches when they are incubating or feeding chicks.

Suitable for all birds.