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Summer lawns


Summer lawns name

Of course you can’t mulch a lawn, you can only water it and if you are on water restrictions then unless you have sowed Tall Fescue or Kikuyu (these two can survive a tough summer) your grass is going to be pretty much burnt toast. Just something to keep in mind when you sow your next lawn.

Take action now to keep your lawn looking good and to avoid maintenance costs later. Leave your lawn a lot longer to protect the root system as much as possible from the sun and try for a 5 minute water at least every second day (more if you can afford it). Newtons has a great product in stock called 'Aquaturf' which is a wetting agent that can be spread over your lawn. It looks a bit like sand but isn’t and helps to improve the water holding capacity of your soil which has to be a great tool to combat the summer heat! 2kg does about 50-70 sq metres.

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