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Spring in the garden


Spring in the garden name

In theory I should have all my seedlings in the ground by now but alas I don’t. My spuds and toms are in of course – and my favourite silverbeet. But I figure I still have time before Christmas to get a few new things going. Have a look at our new range of Niche Heirloom Seeds. There’s some oddball seeds in this range but most of them are heirloom & not readily available elsewhere.

If you have managed to get something into the ground - it’s probably a good idea of give them a bit of a feed about now; cropmaster is great for all the veggies and citrus fert is also good for passionfruit and non-citrus fruit trees. Although we haven’t had any problem with rain who knows what this crazy climate will do to us this year - so some sort of mulch will go down a treat.

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