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Newton Seed News + Tips - May 2019


Newton Seed News + Tips - May 2019 name

The winter of our discontent - Shakespeare’s famous words can ring eerily true at this time of the year. There is gloom in abundance throughout the world at the moment and winter is knocking on the door. But as much as it can be tempting to let a bah humbug attitude overcome me, I only have to look outside at the garden and I feel hope and joy return. I still get a childlike sense of wonderment when I go to my garden and pick a few leaves of cavolo nero and the last of the summer capsicums - yes, crazy as it sounds I still have capsicums. Growing and harvesting your own food strikes me as such a very human thing to do so perhaps that is why it is such a source of contentment to so many. And this year with the warm autumn we have been able to grow more for longer.
Although Autumn is at an end up here in the north you can still plant cavolo nero, silverbeet, carrots and even cabbage. And if you have a couple of trees that grow gold - aka avocados - now is the perfect time to fertilise them. We have avocado tree fertiliser packed in handy 2kg bags.

The balmy weather has also allowed many to keep sowing or repairing their lawns. We have just started a repair job on a difficult part of our lawn filled with kikuyu and other pesky little things. John took to it with a pick axe - we have cleared the weeds and because our soil is so poor we have added fibre earth mulch and fodda soil enhancer and some soil from my garden. We will leave it for a week and then we will put down Vintage Lawn Seed as it can germinate at soil temperatures of 12 degrees. Right now is probably the latest you can get away with planting but don’t despair we are having a sale on the ubiquitous Vintage Lawn Seed so buy up now so you have everything ready for Spring! 25kg was $255 now $198.50 only until 30 June. We have new seed in - don’t worry about it going off, just store in a cool, dry dark place though not the fridge!

Back in Stock: Mercury Bay seed also known as dichondra. My absolute favourite potato Heather are now in as well as Moonlight, Rua and Lisetta.
Due in soon: Keep a look out for Maori potatoes and yams both should be available early July.

Note: As it is a long weekend any orders made after 2pm Friday will not be processed until Tuesday morning. Keep safe and well, be kind, happy gardening and have a lovely weekend!

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