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News & Tips for October 2020


News & Tips for October 2020 name

As October comes to an end it seems like summer is fast bearing down upon us as the temperature rises and the days get longer. Up here in Auckland the approaching hot season is met with some trepidation as the water shortages will make gardening a little more difficult. Although its not just the Auckland region facing these difficulties. Many places around the country are experiencing record dry winters and spring seasons. So, as we approach Labour weekend I thought I would share with you some tips for planning a vegetable garden that is not so thirsty and introduce you to a couple of products that could help.

The first and most obvious tip is that prevention is better than the cure, so make sure your soil is in top condition before you start your labour weekend planting. I have a vegetable box in a north west facing part of the garden which will get intense sun so I will be working in a product called Triple Play. Triple Play helps the soil retain moisture. It was initially developed for lawns but it can be used in gardens and pots. You need 2kg per 100sqm (it will last 4 weeks and then you apply 1kg per 100sqm). Water thoroughly after and mulch, mulch, mulch. Pea straw is great for this as it also provides a good boost of nitrogen as the straw decomposes. A bit later on in the summer I will also get out the crop safe mesh it keeps psyllid out and also reduces the intensity of the sun.

This year I am planting capsicum, tomato, eggplants, kale, basil, carrots and zucchini. All these require lots of heat and they do require watering but with Triple Play and pea straw and using my shower water I am optimistic we will get a good harvest. Labour weekend is the last weekend to get your potatoes in if you want them by Christmas. But more importantly in the hotter parts of the country potatoes do need to get in and the tubers starting to develop before the soil gets too hot. Once the soil temperature gets too high the tubers won’t form and you’ll get lots of tops with nothing underneath.
We have a great special on the potatoes on Purple Passion, Desiree, Agria and Nadine. $4.00 per kg.

Okay so that’s all from me - I have got a planting plan to get onto.

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