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News & tips for October 2019


News & tips for October 2019 name

October is a contrary month. On the one hand you have the lengthening days and milder temperatures and then quite suddenly a cold tempest will descend from the heavens plunging you back into winter. Beautiful spring flowering also goes hand in hand with the emergence of pests who awake from winters slumber. All in all though, the arrival of spring pretty much puts everyone in a good mood. So much so, that we have decided to have a bit of a SALE just to make everyone a wee bit happier! From now until 25th October we are selling our remaining spuds for $4.50 per kg and our asparagus for $8.50 for a pack of 5 crowns. Be quick because there is very limited stock, once they are gone, they are gone for the season!

But its not only the spuds and asparagus we are practically giving away, have a look at our special on our most popular lawn variety Vintage Blend. Vintage was chosen by Cornwall Park in their recent revamp of the entrance, pictured above. We also have a special on the ubiquitous Tall Fescue which is great for dry shade or dry sunny areas. Both grass varieties have 20% off the 1kg and 5kg sizes.

I am not going to give you a detailed list of what to do in the garden at this time of the year, as merely looking it will probably send you to the couch with wine glass in hand. Instead, I will tell you what I plan to do, not what I will do but what I PLAN to do!
- Feed the plants: citrus trees need citrus food and the berries could all do with organic compost, leaf mould or some decent mulch. If you haven’t yet fed your roses, now is a good time.
- Start my seed raising trays: for tomatoes or if that is far too much effort think about what to plant, where and when. Cucumbers, radishes, pumpkins, aubergines and courgettes are all good.
- Planting: potatoes, asparagus crowns and onions.
- Tie down the climbing roses: bending the upright stems over encourages more flowers - you will normally only get flowers at the top of an upright, but if you bend them you will get more flowers along the stem.
- Weed the garden.
- Hunt down the snails: I recently discovered another way of protecting crops was to use fresh leaves from any brassica plant and scatter them around seedlings - the snails will eat the leaves before they attack any seedlings.

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