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News & tips for November 2019


News & tips for November 2019 name

I write this newsletter as I look out upon a large community garden with many beautiful planter boxes overflowing with gorgeous displays of vegetables and bee loving flowers. Regrettably, I am only a spectator of this wonderful garden. This year, I have to admit that I have been so overwhelmed by life and the rather odd cold weather, that my spring planting has turned into a last minute rush. Unfortunately I will be somewhat restricted to those seeds that can be planted direct; carrots, corn, beetroot, radish, herbs and perhaps tomato seeds in seed trays.
Living things that thrive in the intense heat of summer are few and far between and those that do, aren’t always welcome in the garden - think mozzies, flies, wasps and for some Kikuyu falls into the same camp. However you feel about Kikuyu, there is no doubt that demand for a grass that can survive harsh climatic conditions is increasing and this year we have managed to secure the only new seasons crop (harvested this year). It’s not for everyone but does provide a solution for many situations. So if you are one of those secret Kikuyu lovers, you can now get this seed from Newtons.
Lawn update - This month I just wanted to show you how really making sure you have a great soil base results in lawn success. A previously inhospitable, unforgiving soil base was transformed into a life giving oasis for our grass by using Fibre Fresh, Fodder Fertiliser and top soil. Happy grass and envious neighbours!



I was recently gifted two plants of Rosemary - the gifter remains endlessly optimistic about my ability to keep potted herbs alive! However, Rosemary is one herb I can sustain for a respectable length of time but one descended into a death spiral at a rate which defied belief. Whilst the plant looked like it was suffering from dehydration, subsequent examination showed that in fact it had root rot and it spread from one rosemary plant to the other. Root rot can appear during a wet spring, or where the temperature fluctuates rapidly from cold to hot, as it has in Auckland this year. Buxus Blight Buster is really the only way to fight this nasty fungal disease that lays waste to shrubs and hedges. If you have a rosemary plant or hedge that looks like this get onto it straight away!



If you're anything like me, Christmas is a double-edged sword - it's the holiday season but often it feels anything but a holiday, with never ending lists of things to do and buy. I spend December either giddy with excitement or demented by stress. So I'm going to do you a big favour and give you a small list of possible gifts for garden lovers;

Bird bells

Gift vouchers

Wolf garden tools


Fibre Fresh garden mix bags

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