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News & tips for Nov 2018


News & tips for Nov 2018 name

Mid spring is a tumultuous time of the year. Coupled with warmer weather and longer days, and the intermittent cold blasts as if winter is calling us back for a second look. However, the extra bit of rainfall we have had recently is making everything look green and fresh again – perfect for planting.

Here at Newton's we have been getting ready for the onslaught of summer and finally the Kikuyu we have been patiently waiting for has arrived. Granted many people hate this grass and judging from some of the comments on our Facebook page not everyone supports its sale, BUT it does have its place especially in areas where water over summer is a problem. It is in very short supply in this country and our understanding is that we are now one of a very, very small number, if not the only seed company in New Zealand that has a good quantity in stock. It still needs a month or so of warm weather before it can be planted with any real hope of success. A minimum soil temperature of 16 is needed - but 21 is ideal.

The warmer weather also brings with it the arrival of many little pests - pantry moth and paper wasps being two of my least favourite. Paper wasps seem to love my witch hazel tree which unfortunately sits out on our lovely sunny deck, so they are quite a problem over summer. This year I thought it’s time to get a trap and lure them using a nontoxic wasp lure. The lure is not attractive to bees so don’t worry about collateral damage. A pantry moth infestation is the last thing anyone wants, so get them before they lay their eggs by using a Pantry Moth Trap - you will be surprised how effective these things are at getting rid of a pesky pest.

The Newtons garden is well underway - we have built three rather large and deep boxes - a bit too deep if you ask me but as I wasn’t the builder, I didn’t really get a say. The next and most important step was to decide what to fill them with. Soil to plants is what air is to us - so it is very important to fill it with the right stuff! It will take time to develop the perfect medium, but we have started with some scoria for drainage, Waikato premium topsoil mixed with Fibre Earth Mulch and Fodda Soil Enhancer. Almost ready for planting!

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