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News & tips for May 2020


News & tips for May 2020 name

My heart sings as the rain pours from the sky onto our dry, dry earth. It won’t be enough to restore the dams or lift the water restrictions but it will provide much needed sustenance to my stressed garden. A hard winter lies ahead for humans and plants alike this year and adapting to our new circumstances will be key for all of us.

Over winter I will be rethinking my garden and its ongoing sustainability. Some things will have to go and it's probably time to install a rainwater tank even though it will take up valuable garden space. While my home vegetable garden may be downsized for the water tank we still have the Newton Seed test garden we can use for our winter planting. We didn’t plant over summer as I knew the drought was coming so I left it fallow. However, potato and garlic season is now upon us and so we are getting ready to plant out our favourite potato varieties, Maori spuds, garlic and shallots.

With the warmer, drier weather the autumn grass growing season lasted longer this year but we now are coming to the end of it. Your job with established lawns now is to fertilise. Late autumn is when grass begins to recover from the stresses of summer. A properly fertilised lawn means that the grass can begin to store carbohydrates in the stems, stolons and rhizomes (a bit like the extra layer of fat humans tend to put on as winter approaches). These carbohydrates are then used in spring for root and shoot growth. Now that the rain has come, get out there and give your lawn a good feed - your grass will love you for it!

Click & Collect has now arrived! It's available at the checkout under freight options and allows you to purchase online, then make a quick contactless pick up safely from our store. You will receive an email from Newton's as soon as your order is ready for collection - usually within 24 hours, unless an item is out of stock in which case we will phone to let you know.

Our physical store will be closed this Saturday 30th May for the Queen's Birthday long weekend. We will be open again on Tuesday 2nd June. However, you can still shop online all weekend long!

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