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News & Tips for March 2019


News & Tips for March 2019 name

Easter and Autumn - while they seem too far away to bother about, both the relentless promotion of hot x buns, chocolate and unfortunately the subtle change of leaf colour (I thought my tree just needed water) belie the fact they are both closer than we think. Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part the longer I pretend that we are still in the midst if an Indian Summer, the more I can delay those autumnal jobs in garden. If I am honest though I do get a peverse satisfaction from ripping out spent tomato plants and pulling out withering pumpkin vines!

If you have started on your late summer tidy up or are just about to, you might want to consider these trusty tools to ease the load. Niwashi Traditional, this fantastic tool helps prepare the soil for planting using its ultra sharp blade to cut through the dirt - especially good for those areas that have been suffering drought and may have especially compacted soil. The Niwashi Grubber also makes short work of paspalum which is particularly bad now. They aren’t the cheapest tools in the shed but they are of a fantastic quality. Also worth a mention are these Pro Horto flax cutting tools with two blade lengths.

Another job worth thinking about is putting in a green crop, the time is about right or getting close to it. We have just had fresh stocks of mustard and lupin delivered into the warehouse all looking for a garden bed to dive into. We offer lupins, mustard and oats combined or as single seed - whatever tickles your fancy.

Okay so this year I tried growing pumpkins in my very small back yard - hey they can't take up that much room I thought, I’ll just trail them along the edge of the garden box. Two months later we couldn’t mow the lawns and the gas man couldn’t access the gas bottles to swap them over... and I needed an extendable arm get to my garden box. The bonus was I got 4 beautiful pumpkins, it would have been 5 but I had to pull the vine out before the last one could ripen. Here's a  photo - the vines were wonderful houseguests (ate and drank very little) but I was glad to see the back of them - probably won’t invite them back until I work out how to train them over a trellis!

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