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News & tips for June 2019


News & tips for June 2019 name

The shortest day has past and the chill of winter has settled on us. I don’t think I am in the minority when I look out the window at the ever increasing jobs waiting for me in the garden and decide that Netflix and a cup of tea are infinitely more appealing than getting out into the cold air!

However, the work must be done and my hydrangeas, roses and raspberry bushes are all in desperate need of a prune and spray (my mother is mortified by how long I have let them go). I have to say the reason I am confident that I can do it now is that I don’t get frosts (don’t prune if you are in danger of frost). For my pruning work I always use my Wolf pruning shears making sure I get a nice clean angled cut. For the spraying I always use Conqueror Oil or Neem Tree Oil and Liquid Copper - the oil works on the insects and the copper works on the fungus. I don’t mix the two as the oil can reduce the effectiveness of the copper spray.

While I work on my garden, John is still working away on our lawn repair. We sowed Vintage a few weeks ago - and John also decided to put down some Fescue just to see if it would germinate in cold temps - the answer is a resounding no. So whilst the Vintage Grass has come up well in around 7 days, the fescue is missing in action. We will throw down a bit more in Spring to thicken it up as it really is too cold now with the current soil at around 10 degrees minimum.

Now although I wouldn’t normally recommend feeding your garden in winter, a decent application of Sulphate of Potash can do wonders for any spring flowers or vegetable root crops, it also helps sweeten fruit (especially citrus) and helps lawns through the winter months. I will throw a few handfuls around my roses, hydrangeas and raspberry bushes after pruning as it promotes a thickening of the cell walls which protects the plant from some fungal diseases and pests.

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