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News & Tips for June


News & Tips for June name

As I write this newsletter the shortest day of the year is just around the corner. And while we have a little while to go until Spring, it always seems much closer after 21st June. With that in mind, there is work in the garden waiting to be done when a rainfree day decides to turn up! 

Garlic needs to be planted and although the gardening calendar marks this down as the day to plant your bulbs, garlic can be planted at any time over autumn or winter. Most pests won’t attack garlic but in order to get a really good crop of fat juicy bulbs you need to make sure you have really good rich soil that is free draining in full sun.  If you have that, then the most you need to do is add a sprinkle of lime and a few sheep pellets. Water only if it doesn’t rain. 

We have already sold out of our elephant garlic and although we have plenty of printanor garlic in stock, once that is gone, that is it for the season. 

This is also the time for pruning your roses and deciduous fruit trees. I won’t attempt to give you a tutorial on pruning, YouTube can do that much better than me, but Newton's can provide you with good quality pruning tools to get you started. 

Winter is also a time when food for the birds is a bit thin on the ground, so when you’re out in the garden think about hanging a bird feeder out and filling it with wild bird seed or hanging a bird bell. Don’t put out too much though – birds have a habit of telling other birds where they can get free tucker!

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