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News & Tips for July 2020


News & Tips for July 2020 name

One of the questions we have been getting recently is how to store seed potatoes to plant later in the season. Generally, the first seed potatoes to arrive are the earlies - the Cliff Kidneys, Jersey Bennes, Rocket etc. Most people like to have these ready in time for Christmas but as they arrive in early May and are normally sold out by August, you have to store them until you are ready to plant. How is the question! Last month I suggested storing them in the fridge. This can be an option for a short time but what if you want to store them for a couple of months or more. One of our lovely readers has sent me the following advice:
“I preserved seed potatoes from Newton’s for many, many months by putting them in a cardboard box not touching one another, covering them loosely with a dry cloth to absorb any moisture, and then more cardboard on top to block out the light. I stored them indoors under a table where it was dark and cold. They need dry, cool and dark conditions to remain dormant.” Thanks Erin Lee! This is an excellent tip that I am sure will be useful to many growers new and old alike.
Right now, I am spending my time pruning and transplanting. Wonderfully therapeutic, a bit like cutting your hair. Roses, raspberries, pip fruit (I even trimmed up my lime tree). I can’t iterate enough how important having a good pair of pruning shears are to achieve a good result. You want the cleanest possible cut. So, if your shears are blunt, get them sharpened or if they are seizing up or not just cutting the mustard then invest in a good quality pair and look after them. The best will last many, many, many years. Check out our range online.
Remember our feathered friends are finding it a bit tough at the moment - so help them out with our wild bird seed range.
It's edging ever closer to spring - so enjoy this brief time of respite from the demands of the garden and keep warm!

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