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News & tips for Feb 2018


News & tips for Feb 2018 name

The sound of summer can be a beautiful thing; birds and insects singing their wee hearts out, kids playing outside and outdoor festivities. Unfortunately, there are some sounds that don’t bring a smile to your face – yep the sound of summer also means the sound of crickets. Now personally, I love the song of the cricket but not at the expense of a decent night’s sleep and nor do I like what they can do to the lawn and garden. So if you need to evict the crickets, then you need to get the cricket bait down now! Obviously it is a bait, so use your noggin and keep the kids and the pets away from it for about seven days. It is best to apply late afternoon prior to the crickets feeding in the evening and don’t put it out just before the rains are due to come. Buy now

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