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News & tips for Dec 2018


News & tips for Dec 2018 name

Christmas is a great time of the year and while I have thought Christmas in New Zealand is a little marred by the absence of that fluffy, cold, white stuff, over time I have learnt to appreciate celebrating Christmas in a warm climate. The choice of an outdoors celebration is really something special, especially if your garden is looking good and even if it isn’t, there are plenty of wonderful public outdoor spaces available.

If you are planning on an outdoor celebration at home this year there are a couple of tips to make sure everything in the garden is looking splendid. If you haven’t fertilised your lawn, get going and throw some fertiliser down - with all the rain we are having it will not only look good but will toughen it up so it can survive the heat of summer.

In the garden you need to mulch, mulch, mulch pretty much everything - I know I am still banging on about mulching! This year we have a special on our Fibre Earth Mulch $75.00 for three bags. Each bag is 70 litres but as it is compressed you get a lot more. Mulching is really one of the best Christmas gifts you can give your garden.

If you are stuck for ideas for gifts, have a think about these for the gardeners or nature lovers in your life; secateurs, Japanese tools, bird bells or perhaps a Newton Seed voucher. If you don’t want to be a Johnny come lately though, you will have to get your online orders done by Thursday 13 December so that the couriers have a chance of getting them to you.

Newton’s is heading off to the beach for the holidays so our last day will be Friday 21 December. We will reopen Monday 7 January 2019. You can still order online over this time, but the orders won’t be processed until we get back.

Finally, I want to say thank you once again to all our wonderful customers - your continued support of our little business is what enables us to keep doing what we do. Be kind, be safe and most of all be merry!

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