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News & tips for August 2021


News & tips for August 2021 name

So here we are once again - cooped up at home with either too much to do or not enough. Either way, it’s really a pain in the bum. However, since lockdown decisions are out of our control, we just have to get on with it really, so we are getting on with it!

Whilst our physical retail outlet has closed and click and collect is no longer available in Level 4, our online store has been busy. In fact, so busy that we have had to temporarily close our online store so we can catch up. It’s not something we do lightly but it’s necessary so we can process the orders we have taken. However, you can still continue to browse the online store, you just won't be able to make a purchase. By the time you receive this email we should be up and running again (or at least very soon) but I do apologise to those of you who may have wanted to order online over the past 24 hours and haven’t been able to.

Delivery times are also longer than we would want because the only way people can shop is online, which puts our couriers under enormous pressure. Unfortunately, over this lockdown you may have to wait a little longer than normal for your parcel to arrive. At the moment we are expecting delays of up to 7 days in some locations. Please be patient during this time - your parcel will arrive!

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