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News & tips for August 2020


News & tips for August 2020 name

We are now in the last of the winter months and I can almost smell the onset of spring which brings both a sense of relief and excitement coupled with trepidation of the work ahead. Now is the time to not only finish the pruning, transplanting and clean-up jobs but also to think about the spring garden. August is the time to start getting your seed trays out and starting those seeds so that come spring when the soil has warmed you can plant out. Not all seeds can be planted now - I would wait a little bit for tomatoes and aubergine, but you could definitely start off chilli, cucumbers, pumpkins, beetroot, silverbeet, lettuces and herbs like coriander and parsley.
While this is all happening make sure you have started getting your soil ready. Compost or even better - animal manure is a great addition to the soil. You could try wonder nuggets which are a great blend of sheep and chicken poo which is ideal for almost any plant as it has both nitrogen and potassium. If your soil is waterlogged, you need to get onto this before spring because waterlogged soils stunt plant growth. To improve boggy ground, you can add grit or pumice or shingle.
Its time to start thinking about your lawn. Here in Auckland we are still under water restrictions but it’s raining a lot more regularly so if you are in the Auckland region and are thinking of resowing don’t wait until the horse has bolted and it starts to dry out again. It may take a bit longer to germinate (particularly the fescue in the cooler temperatures) but if you can’t use your hose to water, it won’t germinate at all. Get the bird protected stuff because that can sit longer on the ground before being gobbled up. Of course, it might rain cats and dogs all September and fill up our dams and then you don’t have anything to worry about, but then again it might not.
That’s all from us.
 Keep well.

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