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News & tips for August 2018


News & tips for August 2018 name

As weather records are shattered all around the world it becomes clearer that the climate is changing and we have to adapt our gardening habits in our own way. For me that adaptation has come in the form of rethinking my garden space. I have a small urban garden but have made it larger by using pots on my deck. However, after last year’s searingly hot summer I decided that many of my pots have to go. Not only because of the additional water they take but because of the added heat stress that a very hot summer brings to the potted plant, resulting in poor plant health. Over winter I culled 70% of my potted plants. As spring planting approaches, I am going to confine my plants in pots to those that can withstand hotter, drier conditions. As far as vegetables in pots go, this means that I will be restricting myself to New Zealand spinach, tomatoes such as (cherry varieties only), Asian greens, rocket, capsicums, beans (top crop), silverbeet and rainbow chard.

With spring rapidly approaching it is time to think about feeding your existing plants and lawn. Lawns, citrus fruit and roses could all do with a good application of fertiliser right now. Newton's stocks a wide range of fertilisers for lawns and gardens. 

A good slow release fertiliser is an absolute must at this time of the year as the spring rain tends to leach a lot of the nutrients out of the soil. If you are thinking about redoing your lawn because of heat tolerance or water shortages, Tall Fescueis an option worth considering. It takes some effort to get going because well it’s Tall Fescue, but its long roots make it a good option for long hot summers. 

We still have heaps of potatoes in stock, so get them now before they go!

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