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News & Tips for April 2020


News & Tips for April 2020 name

It is a spectacular April day here in Auckland and I am sitting outside on my deck thinking that this is the perfect day to be collecting leaves for my leaf compost. I am very lucky to have Cornwall Park in my local area which saves me from having to wander the streets looking for suitable leaves to collect!
Leaf mold is the lazy gardeners compost. I will fill a few bin liners with the leaves I collect, put some holes in the bottom and find somewhere outside to stash them (not under cover). You need to check them every now and again to make sure they haven’t dried out (dry leaves stay dry leaves). In about 12 months they would have composted down to something beautiful with almost no work on my part. I really am very grateful for the deciduous tree.
While we have been holed up I have been celebrating the joys of eating potatoes, lots and lots of potatoes and now that we are almost allowed out of our burrows, we will be able to begin planting them too. Next week our wonderful potato seed supplier will reopen and we will be able to take orders for all sorts of potatoes, garlic and shallots. I can’t give you the exact date we will have them in stock but we will post out a message as soon as they arrive!
Things to do in the garden right now - and there are lots of them! You can still plant broad beans, spinach, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Not to everybodies taste I know, but that’s what you grow in winter unless you have a glasshouse.
If you don’t have any plans to plant over winter, sow a greencrop it really is so good for the soil. You don’t need much and its cheap by halves.
It's not too late for lawns either, in the warmer areas anyway. Up here in the big smoke we still have soil temperatures of between 15-16 degrees which is OK for germination - it won’t shoot out of the ground but if you get it in in the next 10 days you will get a strike. Below 15 degrees and it's pot luck really.

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