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News & Tips for April 2019


News & Tips for April 2019 name

You will all know by now that Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Here in Auckland we have been particularly blessed with spectacularly still and warm days, crisp mornings and deliciously cool evenings. The garden released from the tyrannical heat and pestilence of the summer needs a little less attention.

But the best thing about Autumn is that its seed potato time! The first sacks of Agria, Rocket and Ilam Hardy arrived last week and next week we will have Desiree, Swift, Nadine and Maris Anchor. More will follow. We also have new season Printanor and Elephant garlic too.

As we are now into Autumn and I don’t have a glasshouse I am only really planting a small number of  winter greens - Tuscan kale, silverbeet, pak choi and coriander. I am a great believer in giving the soil a bit of a rest. After you have sown and dug in your green crop feed it with some compost over winter so that your soil is ready to go for spring. If you don’t have your own compost - try out Gard'n Gro Premium compost 40L.

At this time of the year we often get customers seeking advice about repairing the lawn after it has suffered the ravages of summer. Lawns can be repaired but if there is one thing you can do to avoid the need for continual repair is to expend your time and effort looking after the soil. A great crop of grass is really very heavily dependent on great soil (or a fulltime greenkeeper). If you are planning a new lawn make sure you have a plan for getting good soil first because that is pretty much the key to a good looking lawn or for that matter any good garden type. Make sure you know what your soil is lacking and fix it BEFORE you put down the seed. Don’t just rely on buying in top soil. Most of the topsoil we get nowadays is fine as a base but it really needs enrichment.  
Autumn is also the best time to sow a lawn or repair it. I know you may think it might be getting a bit cool but up here in the north at least – you will be able to sow seed for at least another month. The soil temperature in Auckland is still sitting around 15 degrees and although it has become suddenly cooler the overall forecast is that the next couple of months will be warmer than average. Look at our range here.

For our bird lovers we have a special on our bird bells for the month of May. Buy 2 or more large bells for the special price of $7.50 each, usually $10.50 each. (This special only applies to 2 or more large bird bells purchased at the same time, maximum 4, available in store or online. Not available to wholesale customers).

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