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News & tips for April 2018


News & tips for April 2018 name

It doesn’t seem to matter what time of year that it falls, but Easter seems the point at which I make a mental crossover to a new season. And even though it is warmer than normal, the song of Autumn is here with the falling leaves and chill in the morning air. My favourite season of the year! The smell of the first fires, the dewy morning grass and the arrival of the first season potatoes.

For those of you up in the north of the North Island you can put potato seed in for a late winter harvest or for those further south an early spring harvest. Right now we have the following potato seed in stock: Ilam Hardy, Liseta, Rocket, Agria, Cliff Kidney, Jersey Benny, Nadine, Swift and Allura.

We also have garlic both Printanor and Elephant available, get in quick as last year it sold out like hot potatoes.

Autumn is also the time to plant broad beans. I am determined to learn to love these things, so this year they are going into the garden because I think the best way to learn to love a vegetable is to grow it - how can you not love something when you have nurtured it from seed. We currently have the new seasons crop of Exhibition Broad Bean seed $1.50 per 100gms.

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