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Beetroot and Feta Rosti


Beetroot and Feta Rosti name

250g peeled and grated beetroot
150g peeled and grated parsnip or carrot
Handful of dill and parsley chopped
150g of goats feta or cows feta
2 eggs
Put grated beetroot and parsnip in a bowl add the herbs and seasoning. In a separate bowl crumble the feta and then beat 2 eggs. Fold this mixture through the beetroot mixture. Stir thoroughly so that all the grated roots are covered. If the mixture seems too wet add a tablespoon of rice flour or normal flour if you don’t have rice flour.
Put 4 tbsp of olive oil in a shallow pan and heat. Take a good spoonful of the mixture and press it down tightly so it is not too thick-yes your hands will get mucky then place it into the hot oil. Repeat with the rest of the mixture, trying not to crowd the pan. As the cakes start to colour, and become crisp and golden, carefully turn them using a palette knife or fish slice, and lightly brown the other side. Drain each cake briefly on kitchen paper then serve. Enough for 2. I had these for dinner last night served with hot smoked salmon and a little crème fraiche on the side. Bellismo!

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